Kayaking tour, Tortuguero

Tortuguero National Park Experts

One of our personal favorite tours in Tortuguero is the kayaking tour. This kayaking tour takes you around the lodge and into the framework on natural canals and lagoons. Explore this labyrinth of tropical rainforests, slow moving Amazon-like rainforest canals and hidden coves.

We have several options for those that are interested in kayaking and exploring the labyrinth of jungle waterways. Many of the lodges have their own kayaks that you can rent either for the hour and simply start paddling along the side of the canals.

There next option is to take part in the guided kayaking safari tour that is lead by a naturalist guide and that will take you deep into the national park, paddling until you reach canals that the normal motor boat cannot access

The third option is combining Tortuguero and the Pacuare River. This package called the Rainforest Odiseey will first take you down the infamous Pacuare River rapids and later, 2 days in Tortuguero with kayaking included