Mawamba Lodge , Tortuguero


Mawamba Lodge y among the very few hotels in Tortuguero with beachfront. The hotel property borders the main Tortuguero jungle canal and lagoon on one side, and the Caribbean Sea on the other side. Beautiful rooms, great dining with superb and abundant food, large swimming pool and self guided trails within the property are among the many facilities and services. Mawamba Lodge is a leading hotel in the Tortuguero National Park area. Mawamba Lodge offers full packages with all meals included, as well as guides, transportation and lodging.

About the hotel


The lodge has an area of 15 acres, with perhaps the best location your mind can imagine in front of the beach and a gorgeous view of the canals. The ideal place for nature lovers and adventurers. The beautiful gardens and rustically rooms, combined with the lush and exotic jungle vegetation, exotic birds and wildlife create the perfect balance between comfort and nature. Mawamba has two Harbors, large and beautiful swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gift shop, relaxing little ranches with hammocks, self guided nature trails, a butterfly garden, volleyball court, direct access to the beach and most important, a conference room with A.C. that is used daily for naturalist speeches about the park.

Rooms and more


Rooms - 54 rooms distributed all over the property without making the property look like a construction area but conserving the garden and Jungle in between rooms. Every room has private bathroom and hot water. The rooms offer 3 individual beds or a double and a single.

Restaurant and facilities


Restaurant - Chelonia, the restaurant by the pool area has some of the best dishes in the area, including vegetarian, diabetics or other special diets. We also offer special menus for group.

Tortuguero National Park


Location - Located in the very heart of Tortuguero, between the Laguna or Lake of Tortuguero and the Caribbean, Mawamba is the first and most experienced Lodge to first settle roots in the area. We are known to have the best instructed and experienced Staff throughout the entire Caribbean and we put a lot of interest in the formation of our guides, since we know that the reason tourists come to our lodge is information that is real and proven. That means the best english, the best trails, the best spots, the best knowledge certified by INBIO and the most virgin scenery. The lodge is beautifully constructed and recently remodeled to offer our guests the most luxurious service and installations while still enjoying THE RAIN FOREST ADVENTURE.