3 days Tortuguero Canoeing Hiking and Turtle Tour

Price U$ 240 per person + IVA


This unique adventure tour includes 2 nights of lodging, taxes, breakfast and three tours included. Among the options of tours to choose from are the canoe tour, the night walk, the night sea turtle tour (only from July to September) or the jungle walk inside the National Park, exploring the jaguar trail.

Casona Tortuguero

The small hotel La Casona offers a personalized service in the center of Tortuguero, between the main Tortuguero Lagoon and the Caribbean Sea. It is located just 50 meters from the beach, and near the starting point for naturalistic walks. The rooms offer a TV area and hammocks. It is a small lodge, with only 12 rooms, but the service is dedicated and has a cozy atmosphere. It is a good opportunity to explore the village of Tortuguero day and night.

Tortuguero walk

Walk along the path of Tortuguero National Park

Entering the thick jungle of Tortuguero National Park is undoubtedly a unique and incredible activity. This tour will give you the opportunity to enter the endless tropical rain forests of Tortuguero and go in search of local flora and fauna. The tour takes place for two hours. During these two hours, the jaguar path will be crossed, which goes parallel to the sea, between the Caribbean and the canals. It offers the opportunity to admire the unique beauty and rich flora and fauna of Tortuguero National Park

Trekking in the jungle

- Canoe tour

The canoe tour offers the opportunity to explore the Tortuguero canals with a naturalist guide. The advantage of discovering the flora and fauna by canoe or boat with an electric motor is that the fauna is not affected by the noise of an engine. It is an exciting and unique tour.


- Night Walk

The night walk offers the client to explore the tropical rainforest of Tortuguero for about 2 - 2.5 hours, something quite unique and rare to find. The essence of Tortuguero are the natural channels as well as the incredible rainforest.

Night tour

- Turtle Tour

The night sea turtle tour takes place between 9:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. It takes place between July and October, and offers visitors the opportunity to explore the beach and see sea turtles nesting, as well as young turtles being born during the last two months of the season.

Sea Turtle Tour

What to bring?

In order not to scare the turtles, it is necessary to wear dark clothes, hopefully black or also very dark blue or green. Repellent, sandals or comfortable shoes, sunscreen, rain shield, water and camera are recommended. It is not allowed to carry a camera for the Turtles tour. It is also recommended to carry cash.

The transportation service for this tour is multi-destination to pick up and drop off in (San José, Arenal or South Caribbean).


Important Notes


• The order of the type of transportation may vary, and the return by boat and land is also recommended, if you wish to connect another destination after.

• The schedule of the itinerary may change due to weather conditions.

• Baggage is limited to 25 pounds per person for all packages. Luggage heavier than that will pay a fine to the local airline.

• Alcoholic drinks, soda or bottled water and turtle spawning tour are NOT included in the package price..

• Plane transfer are available

• 4 Day packages available

• Adventure packages and custom designed package available also, including the kayaking package and many more.