Sea Turtles Tour , Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero National Park Experts

The Atlantic Green Turtles have been coming to the Caribbean beaches of Tortuguero for centuries to lay thier eggs. Much has been researched and written about them. When the baby turtles grow to adulthood they return to the same beach where they were hatched. At Turtle Beach Lodge you have the opportunity to witness these events. During the prime season from June through early October we have nightly turtle watching tours right on our own beach.

The very peak of the spectacle though takes place during the months of July to September. During the rest of the year, November to May, you might also see occasionally turtles, but this is rare. However, Tortuguero has much more to offer than just sea turtles, there are the famous network of jungle canals which is attractive all year round