List of tours in Tortuguero

A list of actviities, including half day and full day excursions in and around Tortuguero National Park.

Tortuguero Birding Full Day Tour

Tortuguero National Park Experts

Go in search of the most amazing bird species that are quite abundant in this tropical paradise...

Guided Night Tour Sea Turtles

Tortuguero National Park Experts

Go in search of the sea turtles that come ashore in Tortuguero. Turtle spawning and nesting can be seen during some months

Tortuguero Rainforest Hike

Tortuguero National Park Experts

A unique guided rainforest hiking tour into the tropical rainforests of the park or elsewhere...

Canoeing Tour

Tortuguero National Park Experts

Explore the jungle canals and dense tropical rainforests whwile canoeing and exploring ...

Tortuguero Town tour

Tortuguero National Park Experts

Take your video or still camera on the Tortuguero Town Tour, and every tour you take with Turtle Beach Lodge. Every visitor wants to remember the beauty of this area, and as the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” ...

Sea Turtle Conservancy Museum


Learn more about the sea turtles and why it is that it is so important to protect them

Tortuguero Mountain Tour - Cerro Tortuguero


( Cerro Tortuguero ) Tortuguero Mountain is the remains of an ancient volcano, and the reason that our beaches are black volcanic sand. A short boat ride starts the tour. As with any tour down the Turtle Beach Lodge private canal and the Canal of Palms mystery and beauty abound...

Sea turtle watching tours


The Atlantic Green Turtles have been coming to the Caribbean beaches of Tortuguero for centuries to lay thier eggs. Much has been researched and written about them. When the baby turtles grow to adulthood they return to the same beach where they were hatched. At Turtle Beach Lodge you have the opportunity to witness these events. ....

Rainforest tours

Tortuguero National Park Experts

The guides at Turtle Beach Lodge are happy to lead a tour for guests by day or night. The tours are very different at these two times. Some jungle wildlife is out only by day, while others prefer the night. Consider both during your stay with us. ...

Tortuguero canals boat tour

Tortuguero National Park Experts

Discover the enchanting canals of Tortuguero in electric powered boats. We offer early morning canal boat tours and also afternoon boat tours. ...

Birdwatching tour


Tortuguero is world renowned for its turtle nesting and recently it has become famous for a large variety of bird species, especially migratory birds. We invite you to explore a part of this colourful world; it is truly a feast for the eyes. ...

Canal tour and ocean kayaking

Tortuguero National Park Experts

Tortuguero Ocean kayaking in paradise ! Explore the amazing natural network of jungle canals in Tortuguero. Explore the labyrinth of lagoons, canals and slow moving rivers by kayaking. ...


Sport fishing in Tortuguero is among the very best in Costa Rica. Tropical rainforest canals, river mouths and lagoons create the perfect habitat for an abundance of fish. ...

Canopy Tour

Explore the tropical rainforest from the treetops ! Combine adventure and ecotourism in one single tour. Have fun in the tropical rainforests of Tortuguero National Park. . ...