Town of Tortuguero Costa Rica

Tortuguero town

Take your video or still camera on the Tortuguero Town Tour, and every tour you take. Every visitor wants to remember the beauty of this area, and as the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” The town of Tortuguero has a fairly basic life style. Wash is done by hand and hung on trees, bushes, and occasionally a clothes line. With the frequency of showers, sometimes it hangs there for days. As you walk through the town you will find children at play like anywhere else in the world. The play will be imaginative and simple like it was before television and computers. There are no cars in the island town of Tortuguero. What would they do with them? There are a few bicycles, and many children who want a turn riding them. While there are a few shops and restaurants in Tortuguero, be sure to walk among the little foot paths among the houses. These paths are the roads of the town. To venture down them is to discover rustic charm as if from another time. This is the only jail for miles around. Trust us on this: you don't want to go there.