Guided rainforest tour , Tortuguero Costa Rica

National Park

The guides at Turtle Beach Lodge are happy to lead a tour for guests by day or night. The tours are very different at these two times. Some jungle wildlife is out only by day, while others prefer the night. Consider both during your stay with us. It is always advised to take a guided tour in the jungle before you meander there alone. Our guides explain the layout of the trails, the way the jungle environment works together, they help you spot wildlife, and give you smart safety tips for when you roam the trails without them. This monkey is high up in the trees. Sometimes, if you’re lucky and still, their curiosity gets the best of them and they come closer. The jungle is a tangle of varieties of life. Return to it time and again, and take lots of time to explore, each visit is unique and memorable.


El Gavilan trail, with the official limits of the national park, is a beautiful 2 kilometer long trail that will give you the chance to explore the tropical rainforest of Tortuguero on foot. If you wish to explore this trail the entrance is located in the Southernmost part of the town of Tortuguero. The entrance fee can be paid at park ranger station by the entrance

The hike up Cerro Tortuguero ( highest peak in the area ) is an exciting 2 hour long trekking adventure through the tropical forest, walking along muddy trails with some steep cliffs and deep gorges. This trip can only be done with a local guide, and it is a somehow dangerous trails because of the terrain, so visitors must be carefully>