Cerro Tortuguero or Tortuguero Mountain

Tortuguero National Park Experts

Tortuguero Mountain is the remains of an ancient volcano, and the reason that our beaches are black volcanic sand. A short boat ride starts the tour. As with any tour down the Turtle Beach Lodge private canal and the Canal of Palms mystery and beauty abound. The climb up the mountain is strenuous. Your guide will go at a pace that accommodates the whole group. Along the trail he will point out and explain about many plants and animals that you might otherwise miss. At the first stop near the top of the mountain you will be able to see the island where the town of Tortuguero is located. The Tortuguero River and the Caribbean Sea that surround the island can be seen far below. There are often groups of monkeys and many kinds of birds near the top of the mountain. At the very top of the mountain you will have an interesting perspective of the jungle canals in panorama below you. Be very careful to stay on the narrow path. The drop off is steep on both sides. Another lively ride full of exciting conversation and laughter brings you back to the lodge, where further adventures await you.