Hotels and lodges , Tortuguero Costa Rica

Tortuguero Hotel Map

This is a list of our hotels in Tortuguero. We offer you a combination of more than 33 different packages, including transportation back to San Jose or elsewhere, all meals, local guided tours and lodging with taxes included.

Baula Lodge

La Baula Lodge is a standar lodge located on the shores of a canal in Tortuguero ...

Pachira Lodge

Gorgeous accomodations, beautiful tropical garden, pool, charming ....

Laguna Lodge

is situated on the Caribbean, with the Tortuguero Canal on the other side

Tortuga Lodge

Tortuga Lodge, luxury accomodations, the true Tortuguero Experience

Aninga Lodge

Aninga Lodge is a smaller lodge situated amidst tropical vegetation, canals, wildlife

Evergreen Lodge

The rooms of Evergreen Lodge are absoluite beautiful, also, Spa and more....

Manatus Hotel

Manatus is the most luxurious hotel in the area of Tortuguero

Hotel Ilan Ilan

Ilan Ilan is a budget hotel located in a very beautiful property, great for exploring the jungle ...

Lirio Lodge

NEW !!! Located in a remote jungle canal South of Tortuguero

Rana Roja Lodge

Small Ecolodge located amidst the tropical rainforest. ideal for clientes in rental car.

Map of the hotels

Tortuguero Hotel Map

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