Guided Night Walk

Turtle ensting tour

The guided nocturnal hike in search of the Green Sea Turtles mostly, as well as eventually other species, takes place from July and officially ends in September. If the turtle sighting season has been very good, the tour lasts until October, usually the first half of October. The tour varies a bit depending on which hotel is chosen with our tour, but basically the tour is always the same. There are two departures, one at 8 PM and another departure at 10 PM. Each tour lasts 3 hours in total.

What does it consist of

The tour is led by a naturalist guide. Which extension of the beach will be visited may vary, it is assigned each night by the Ministry of Environment MINAET and its SINAC department, who administer the entire environmental part in Costa Rica. During the tour, it is not allowed to use cameras, so as not to disturb the sea turtles during the spawning event. The only one that can illuminate this natural spectacle is the guide, with special equipment.

Nesting of Sea Turtles

This natural spectacle consists of being able to observe when the turtles lay their eggs in the enormous nests made by themselves in the sand. The season to see this is from July to the end of August.

Sea Turtle Spawning

Turtle hatching tour

Spawning consists of being able to see when the small sea turtles come out of their eggs, they come to the surface from under the sand and quickly go to the sea. The best time to see this is from August 15 onwards until the end of September and perhaps until the middle of October. During the tour it is possible that other species of flora and fauna can be observed, such as some reptile, insect amphibian or perhaps even some mammal. Although it is true they are difficult to see, Tortuguero is one of the parks where jaguars, pumas and other large mammals abound. If you are interested in knowing more, please send us an EMAIL to book some of our tours.