Birdwatching tour , Tortuguero Costa Rica

Birding Tortuguero National Park

The natural canals, the Caribbean ocean and the vast expanse of tropical lowland rainforest create a perfect and unique habitat for hundreds of species of birds. This full day birding adventure is a full day adventure, during which you will be able to go in search of the early morning bird species, the mid day later morning species, and then also the afternoon - evening species. Our tour includes pick up before breakfasts at the lodge, at 5 30 am, then return by around d 7 30 AM for breakfasts. At 8 30 after breakfasts is finished, we will depart again in search of species that become more active during the morning and daylight. Before lunch we will bring you back to the lodge, for lunch, and after lunch, at 2 30 PM, we will depart again in search of the afternoon – evening species. Please feel free to request a bird check list so you can get in depth knowledge of what you might be able to find. Canal tour is automatically also part of the tour, so you might very well encounter other wildlife species. The entire tour is lead by a naturalist English speaking guide. Please bring a cap or hat with you, sufficient water, binoculars, bird book if you have and camera. Sunblock is also recommended for during the afternoon heat.