Transportation options frmo Tortuguero to La Fortuna Arenal Volcano

Clients that wish to visit Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna after Tortuguero National Park can do so by booking our shuttle transfer. It departs from the restaurant in Guapiles, after lunch ( Included ). The shuttle will pick you up at the restaurant and drive you to your hotel in La Fortuna. It takes around 3 hours from Guapiles ( lunch site ) to La Fortuna, so you will arrive at around 4 30 PM.

Book your shuttle transportation TORTUGUERO - LA FORTUNA

Land ( Van and boat )


You cannot drive to Tortuguero, there are no roads so you need to travel first by land to the docks and from there by boat. All our packages include transport from San Jose ( FREE ) or any other destination in the country ( EXTRA CHARGE depending from where ) . So all our package include transportation to and back from Tortuguero, all the meals, taxes and lodging in of the beautiful lodges. A town tour and a guided boat tour to the park jungle canals is also included.

We offer Free transportation from San Jose to Tortuguero and back to San Jose . This is done by minivan and is part of the price of our packages . We travel overland to the docks and from there by boat to Tortuguero. Other destinations combined with extra price are:

San Jose - Tortuguero and then extension to Arenal (La Fortuna) or south Caribbean ( Cahuita and Puerto Viejo) or Sarapiqui

Boat transportation to the docks and from there continue with rental car


We also offer domestic flights from several local airports, including San Jose and flights to the Tortuguero airstrip and from there , back to San Jose . Wealso offer other routes , such as La Fortuna , Bahia Drake , Puerto Jimenez , Liberia, and several more locations

Additional cost aproximately: U $ 120 per person per way

Rental car


Another option is pretty requested, the option of renting a 4x4 or regular rental car after arriving at the docks on the way out of Tortuguero.. We can leave the car ready for you by the docks. We have very economical deals and weekly rates for all types of cars , from 4x4 up to several sedans and minivans for groups. No extra charge to have the car ready at the Tortuguero pier .