Flights and airlines

There is also the possibility of reaching Tortuguero by plane on a local flight that takes about 45 minutes from San José. These flights can be booked on a regular or public basis, in which case there are schedules established throughout the year. There is also the possibility of booking private flights, in which case, the schedule can be set by the client. In case of private flights, you can fly to Tortuguero from other airports in Costa Rica, such as Tamarindo, Nosara, Osa and several more.

Advantage of flying

The great advantage of flying to Tortuguero is undoubtedly the speed and the short time it takes to reach the destination. In just 40 minutes from San José you will be in the tropical jungle of Tortuguero. Regular flights include transport from the runway to the respective hotel in the packages.

Disadvantages of flying

One of the disadvantages of flying is that the price increased considerably, and in addition to that, the visitor loses all the long but interesting journey from San José, which includes ground transportation through the Braulio Carrillo National Park and its forests as well as boat transportation along the Suerte River or Caño Blanco.